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Free-Ads Online Classifieds Pricing in Australian Dollars

Base Fee $0.00 per classified
Photographs maximum 3 images $0.50 per image
Featured Classified $0.99 per classified
Classifieds Gallery $0.99 per classified
Bold Classifieds Listing $0.99 per classified
Premiere Classifieds $0.99 per classified

Payment Methods Accepted
We accept Credit Cards (Bankcard, Master Card & VISA), Direct Deposit, Money Order and Bank Cheques. Payment must be made within 14 days of ad placement.

Credit Card We use Paymate Express for all credit card transactions. Paymate is an Australian based company providing merchants services for both buyers and sellers. Their fees, depending on the account type are very competitive. Buyers ARE NOT charged any fees. For more information on the services provided by Paymate click here

Direct Deposit Bank of Melbourne (Westpac)
Branch: Preston
Account Name: Free-Ads Online
BSB: 033073
Account No: 244357

Do not forget to include your Name, Contact Number and Advertisement ID (AdID).

Money Order or Bank Cheque Please send Money Order or Bank Cheque along with Payment Slip (click here) to:
Free-Ads Online
PO Box 306
Preston, Vic 3072

Banner Advertising on Free-Ads Online Classifieds
Low cost advertising starting from just $10.00 per CPM
Banners can be targeted to meet a specific audience by placing an advertisement on a particular page. Banners can be placed at the top, bottom or left hand side of a specific page. To reach a wider audience though, we recommend displaying your banner on all pages where a side or top menu exists. This is known as "Run Of Site". To maximise this type of advertising, a limited number of adverts exist per zone.

All 'Banner Zones' use cache defeating technology, meaning that the reporting of statistics is more accurate.

CPM - Cost Per Impressions. ie. $10 CPM represents $10 per 1,000 displays of a banner.
CPC - Cost Per Click. You pay an agreed amount for each click-through to your site.
CT - Click Through. A click on an ad which takes the viewer to another site.
CTR - Click Through Rate. This is the number of people who click on an ad (banner or text link) divided by the number of displays of the ad, represented in percentages.
e.g. 50 people click on an ad that has been shown 1000 times, which works out at: 50/1000 X 100% = 5%.
ROS - Run Of Site. This means your banner will be displayed on most or all pages of the site.

Banner Sizes
These are the most commonly accepted banner sizes. Items in bold/italic are banners used throughout www.free-ads.com.au

Size(pixels) / Type
468 x 60.....Full banner
234 x 60.....Half banner
392 x 72.....Full banner with vertical navigation bar
120 x 240...Vertical banner
125 x 125...Square button
120 x 90.....Button #1
120 x 60.....Button #2
88 x 31.......Micro button

Packages for Static and Animated Banners
Package Banner Size Position CPM AU$
Local Hosting
Remote Hosting
CPC AU$ Minimum Quantity
1 468x60 Top $25.00 $15.00 . 10,000
2 468x60 Bottom $20.00 $10.00 . 5,000
3 468x60 Top/Bottom . . $10.00 .
4 120 x 240 Left $25.00 $15.00 . 10,000
5 120 x 240 Left . . $10.00 .
6 120 x 60 Left $10.00 $5.00 . 3,000
7 120 x 60 Left . . $10.00 .
8 Any Targeted $30.00 $20.00 . 10,000
9 Any Targeted . . $10.00 .
Run Of Site (ROS) - Limited Advertisers
Package Banner Size Position CPM AU$
Local Hosting
Remote Hosting
CPC AU$ Minimum Quantity
10 468x60 Top $40.00 $30.00 . 10,000
11 120 x 240 Left $40.00 $30.00 . 10,000
Trial Packages
Package Banner Size Position AU$
Local Hosting
Remote Hosting
CPC AU$ Quantity
12 Any Top, Bottom, Left $35.00 $25.00 . 20,000
** All Prices are inclusive of GST.
** Local Hosting
- banners and logos are stored on Free-Ads Online Servers
** Remote Hosting - banners are located on your webserver or the company hosting your website.

How to Purchase
Purchase Requests can be emailed to info@freeads.com.au. Alternatively, fax or send a Purchase Order to Free-Ads Online on (03) 9478-1029 and we'll call you back.

If you have any queries please email for immediate resolution.

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