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Security and Privacy at Free-Ads Online
Privacy Statement
How your information is collected and used
Security using SSL technology
True Site ID
Continuous Improvement Policy
Privacy Statement

Free-Ads Online understands and respects customers needs and requirements for privacy. Hence, all information gathered, will be kept strictly confidential.

How your information is collected and used

Information is collected and stored in the form of a database each time a form is submitted. All personal information is sent via an SSL link meaning that your personal information stays safe when sent to our servers. The information collected may be used to create personalised advertisments, it may be used as an identification tool allowing you to edit any advertisment that you may have placed or simply to complete an online shopping transaction.

With the following exceptions, we will not, rent, sell or give away your personal information:

  • Credit card and personal information will only be shared with the financial institution that issued your credit card for validation reasons
  • Delivery details will only be shared with couriers and freight companies for the delivery and return of all goods

On occassions we may ask for your comments on our products and services. Generally, this will be in the form of online polls and questionaires and will be completely anonymous. However, there may be occasions where such feedback will be requested via email. This feedback may be used to promote Free-Ads Onlines products and services and to determine what services require further development.

Security using SSL technology

To assure that any information you submit is safe, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means that any information you supply to us, including credit card information, will be encrypted whilst in transition to our servers.

How do you know your session is secure?

Both Netscape and Internet Explorer have built in mechanisms, which when activated, allow for secure transmission of information. Look for the padlock icon in Netscape (located on the toolbar and in the bottom left hand corner) or Internet Explorer (bottom right hand corner). If the padlock is open, you are using an insecure link.

True Site ID

True Site ID is a Geotrust technology where a user can determine the authenticity of a website. It also enable you to test whether a page on a particular website is secure or not. Look for the True Site ID logo throughout www.free-ads.com.au.


Cookies are used by Free-Ads Online Computer Store for the sole purpose of managing items stored in the shopping basket. These "cookies" do not carry any other information about you, your computer or the sites you have visited. Cookies are deleted after a succesful shopping transaction, but are otherwise stored for a period of seven (7) days until a succesful transaction takes place or the cookie has expired.

We do not use cookies for marketing or advertising purposes.

Continuous Improvement Policy

Much time has been dedicated in ensuring that our servers and the data stored on these servers are secure. Here at Free-Ads Online, we pledge to the commitment of continual improvement to system security and in keeping your personal information safe.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding security, privacy or any other issues outlined on this page, please feel free to contact Free-Ads Online on (03) 9478-1029. Alternatively, you may send an email to the webmaster.

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